Sarah Ducker

About us

Having realised from school days that I was a highly organised person, I embarked on a career in hospitality involving advertising, hotel conferences, and event management. I also worked in South Africa for six years for a pharmaceutical business where I organised educational road shows in the Townships and their annual business conference. On returning to the UK, I spent two years as a Montessori Teacher.

I set up SJD Events Limited seven years ago after realising that I could create a company from my passion for helping couples and clients create their ‘dream/vision’.

My career path has given me great insight to different areas of the hospitality world equipping me with the experience my clients can rely on.

I have worked at venues such as Cliveden, Taplow and The Honourable Society of Grey’s Inn, London where I organised in excess of 100 weddings and events.  I have also acted as Front of House at various venues.

All of this experience has given me the ability to negotiate contracts, organise the various elements to an event and create the ideal occasion for my clients.

How would I describe myself?  Well, I would say that I am the foundation that a client can rely on, that my flexible approach allows me to get on with the job in hand without being obtrusive and my experience enables me to become a sounding board for my client’s ideas.


The strengths of her wedding planning and event organization lie in her very down to earth approach, she is a lovely lady who is extremely loyal and focused. Sarah does what she says she is going to do without fuss and frills but with great honesty, care and kindness.

Chelsea Bidwell, Founder, Beyond Weddings Limited